About Us

joseph-devasiaPonmankal Builders, a company registered under Indian Companies Act is a trusted name that has created valuable residential properties. The Managing Director is a well experienced NRI professional. The promoters have decades of experience in manufacturing, trading, transportation, construction, distribution, etc. Ponmankal Builders is one of the fastest growing Real Estate groups in Kerala, India. This leading builder in Kottayam has residential properties at Carithas. The new project of Ponmankal Builders "Willow Brook Homes" at strategic location is a combination of comfort and luxury. Ponmankal builders stand out for administering grand and luxurious villas and apartments at Kottayam, Kerala. Incorporated in the year 2008, Ponmankal builders own a history of bearing 50 years of experience backed up by Ponmankal Group. The family owned company works under the partnership of the four brothers managed and directed by Mr. Joseph Devasia, with ample experience and knowledge in the specific sector. Now Ponmankal Group's services include Ponmankal Agencies, Ponmankal Travels, Hindustan Gas Agencies, Ettumanoor (HPCL), Ponmakal Fuels, Ettumanoor (HPCL), Ponmankal Clay Products, Ponmankal Transports, St. Mary's Brick Industries. Ponmankal Builders focuses on villas and apartments at Kottayam especially at the region adjacent to Karithas Junction. The project progresses in three phases. In the first phase they built 17 villas. The second and third phases of construction consist of 20 villas and splendid apartments respectively. In future they aim to extend their business to different places in Kerala.

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